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PokerStars road to One Billion

PokerStars road to One Billion

Edited by John Stokes

PokerStars have launched their Road to One Billion cash promotion and will be paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars of prizes to lucky winners. PokerStars are heading towards dealing their 85 billionth hand and UK players dealt into any of the special hands will get themselves a share of up to $1,000,000.

Every player who is sitting at the virtual table when a millionth hand is dealt, from the 84,7000,000th to the 85,000,000th, will have their luck rewarded with thousands of dollars in cash prizes. And those dealt into the mega milestone hand of 85 billion with win a guaranteed minimum of $20,000.

Hands dealt on Zoom tables are not eligible for any cash prizes and therefore to qualify for a milestone hand you must be playing on one of the regular cash game tables. You also don't have to remain glued to your computer screen, as real money games on the Mobile poker app are also eligible for the milestone prizes.

So here's the maths. Players who are dealt a hand at milestone tables will be given the chance to rack up their prize funds based on the VIP Player Points (VPPs) that they have earned during the hands they played at the table, including the milestone hand. Players will win a cash prize of $60 for every VVP point in their last 50 hands and the winner will get to double this. On top of that, all players in the hand will receive a base prize of $20 that will be added to their VVP winnings.

However, if you get dealt into the mega milestone 85 billionth hand then the cash flow builds even further. Each VVP point earned over the last 50 hands at the table will win the player $1,000 instead of $60. The winner of the mega milestone hand will also see that money doubled. And instead of a base prize of $20, every player will win $10,000 instead.

PokerStars have offered some advice to players looking to get their hands on some of that money. The more tables a player is seated at will increase their chance of being dealt an all important milestone hand. It's important to have a lot of VVPs as well to add to the milestone cash prize fund, so players are advised to play for longer as well. Loosen up and don't be afraid to lose a little either, seeing as every time a player contribute to the raked pot they will earn more crucial VVPs.

To find out which hand is currently being dealt look at the 'Previous' numbers list located at the top left hand corner of any ring table in the PokerStars game.

The massive 100 billion milestone hand is expected to be dealt at some point in 2013 and will see huge additions to the amount of cash giveaways.

Visit http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/promotions/100-billion/ for more details.

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