3 Things EspaceJeux Should Consider Before Banning Access to its Offshore Competitors

Last May, Loto Québec made a proposal that caused outrage among scholars, activists, and others: to block the locals' access to any offshore online gambling websites - with the exception of those "whitelisted" by itself - to ensure its continued growth. Despite being a state monopoly, Loto Québec's EspaceJeux still faces a pretty tough competition due to the rather outdated and sloppy online gambling regulation Canada has. While no Canadian enterprise - except for each province's state lottery corporation - is allowed to offer locals online gambling services, Canadian players are not banned from visiting offshore operators like https://ca.platinumplaycasino.com/ if they want to. And those with a taste for online gambling do want to visit offshore operators, despite having a local alternative, because of the many shortcomings said local alternative has. Here are a few tips for Loto Québec to make its service more desirable for the locals that it should focus on instead of implementing measures many consider to be nothing but internet censorship.

Work on game variety

The game variety of EspaceJeux is... let's just say limited. It has around 120 slot machines, around 20 so-called "EZ Games", around 30 table games, and a handful of video poker games. Which is too little in a competitive market like online gambling. Even the least well-endowed offshore gaming destination has several times more games in its library, and some of them go as far as having over 1,000 games provided by the leading developers of the industry. Offering more games to the players will surely attract more of them to EspaceJeux, ensuring a continued growth.


One of the most attractive features offshore gaming operators have is their bonuses offered to players under certain conditions. They get extra funds when making their first deposits, they get special deposit offers week after week, and they can participate in recurring promotions each month. By comparison, the promotions and bonuses offered by EspaceJeux are pretty non-existent - right now, it has special offers for bingo players, price reductions for certain poker tournament buy-ins... and that's pretty much it. Online casino players, who generate most of the profits, are left without as much as a first deposit bonus. Attractive bonuses with decent conditions would surely attract more players to the venue.


Last but not least, there's one thing that could make EspaceJeux visitors feel better when navigating the website: a well thought out, easy to use, and colourful design. No offence, but the current look of EspaceJeux is a bit dated, and it won't win any medals for its usability either. Its competitors have felt the wind of change, adopting their websites' designs to the modern trends, making them light, responsive, easy to use and navigate. Having an attractive, happy, and modern website is an incredibly effective tool to keep visitors coming back - EspaceJeux might consider giving its website a makeover.
Mathieu Blake

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